Once you have given your room a good spring cleaning for the third time this year, the realization that you are dismally screwed is starting to set in. Now even you are starting to wonder if you really are the great procrastinator you think you are.

A real procrastinator knows that their ability to waste time is only as good as their ability to miraculously pull it all together at the last minute. To procrastinate is more of an art, and although you are most likely going to hand in something that will gloomily amount to no more than 60%, you are fine with that because mediocrity is the name of your game, as long as you don’t fail and get in trouble from your parents. 

A professional procrastinator understands the importance of just scraping by and hitting the bare minimum. This is the perfect balance between not failing and not actually trying at all. 

You are now sitting in the library, 40 minutes before class trying to pull off the impossible. You have almost finished everything that is required on your portfolio, having completed it all in just under 3 hours. Like all last minute procrastinators you will not spell check it once or give it a read through, honestly, just because there is barely enough time to print it.

From frivolous activities around the house and messing about on the computer, you the once ‘Jedi in training’ have come a long way. Maybe one day you could become the words best procrastinator! But that would be a lot of planning and effort.

Until the next assignment awesome procrastinator.