You are now finally back at your computer. Food. Check. Music. Check. You should be ready to hit the books and start this assignment right? Wrong young procrastinator. Although the overwhelming stress of the work due in a little less than 4 hours is tough, you are a tough and veteraned waste of a student. It is not yet that panicked time of pathetic madness. 

Out of the corner of your eye you see an old shirt, hanging on the couch of what was once a bed frame. The bed frame which your brother and you broke seeing who could swan dive the best onto.

It suddenly becomes painfully clear to you right in that moment. That moment of clarity you have only experienced months before while on another procrastination assignment. Your room is dirty, and although it could wait until after the assignment is due, the disgust and shame of it is suddenly too much and must be reorganized then and there. Guilt for not getting to work? what guilt; you are tidying your room, which is obviously the only responsible thing to do.

This timely activity may take between 20-90 minutes, maybe even longer if you fix the bed frame. In the wise words of Step Brothers “There’s so much room for activities!” You have only just begun your quest to tidy. That draw located near your bed that just seems to accumulate piles of useless crap. Broken sunglasses, 2 unfinished Zambucks, duct tape, and a lighter are sprinkled throughout. Even condoms you have lying there but are well past expiry date, and realistically will still be used for water balloons at the age of 21.