As you continue your endeavour into the great world of procrastination, it is pivotal to not be side tracked, in, well being side tracked. As some great guy said somewhere “it is important to stay away from that Decaprio inception type SH-tuff. Regardless the point being made is that there is always a purpose to your procrastination, so don’t get side tracked. You have to full you wasted time with something you may feel less guilty about doing, that may lead to your actual work.

Now that you have great music, it is important that you surround your study environment, or niche if you will, with awesome study snacks and SH-tuff. How would any healthy work be completed without a healthy study appetite to give you that much needed “25 hour man” Bar-One mind set? This will take anywhere between 20-90 minutes. Don’t flake now, you are finally joining the elite procrastinators who will unite…tomorrow.

First things first; tea. This is a vital part to any professional procrastinator’s diet. Tea, unlike coffee, hot chocolates and all other hot beverages takes slightly longer than everything else. (Unless you making some serious coffee) You see tea cannot be rushed, and once made has to be drank before it gets ‘siff’ and cold. The never ending tea cycle respawns time after time during your work period ultimately leading you one step closer to the procrastinator break-down. 

Snacks are slightly more complicated. You see, while unhealthy junk food is what you want, it is also too convenient.  That is where the great and historic sandwich comes into play. Whereas before it was okay taking a few seconds to make a sandwich that you had sloppily thrown together, it is now utterly unacceptable. It is important to meticulously   take ones time in preparing this ‘Krabby Pattie’ like feast. 

Now that you have wasted an absurd amount of time you can head back to your study desk with your sandwich, tea, whatever else you have rummaged and your head held high.