The best ways to procrastinate your inevitable Journalism 2B assignment – Part 1

Starting off with a bang, the ultimate way to top quality procrastination is to leave the entire assignment to the last minute. This will surely put you one step ahead of ‘noob’ procrastinators. With this in mind and the little to no time left to put together solid work, it is important to not give up.

Yes, that is right young padawan, you can indeed still procrastinate much further. How can you even FATHOM starting your assignment without making a playlist to study too? Surely you must have admirable music before you can have admirable work. This process will take between 20-60 minutes and is a vital part of prepping oneself before getting any work done. 

You can’t listen to old music on your computer either. The only logical option is to spend copious amounts of time browsing through dozens of videos on YouTube. From ‘Gangnam Style’ to ‘I’m on a Boat’ by The Lonely Island, the World Wide Web is your Oyster.

But why stop at YouTube? You could go create your own spectacular playlist at in the hopes of gaining thousands of indie followers and achieving the ultimate hipster level. Here you will find your fellow highly complicated and deepest hipsters, who will leave comments on your playlists like “Thanks for this deep playlist, like me it is super complicated and helps me get through this tough time, where my parents have taken away my Mac Book”. Thus leading to a huddle of sympathetic teen hipsters. 


Now that you have successfully created your playlist, you are one step closer to actually starting your work! But don’t be so hast, it is important that you linger with your time as you spiral closer and closer to the Journalism deadline, for which you will surely be ill-prepared.